Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comings and Goings

I seem to find time to write on the blog when I'm sitting at airports, enjoying the people watching and ceaselessly repeating loops of the same news on CNN. Life has been pretty busy lately.

I started my new job in Fresno, teaching high school Earth Science. Well, I started it in August, but haven't really been moved to chronicle any story. Don't get me wrong, the kids are absolutely amazing. They dazzle me with their unique and fun personalities every day. I'm still trying to figure out some of my kids and what makes them tick, but the majority of them are so sweet and lovable and you can't help but want to work hard for them. Most of them. And my colleagues are a lovely bunch, too. Not as outgoing as my Baltimore colleagues and certainly not as much "hey let's go out" in the bunch, but they all are hard-working and have a great team spirit.

My school administrators know that I am technically only staying for a year. I wanted to be totally up front about that so there wouldn't be any uncomfortable questions about why I have to miss a couple days of school every so often to go on residency interviews. They hired me nonetheless and I like to think they are incredibly smart - they know a damn good thing when they see it. And, just as I suspected when I wanted to join the school where I'm at, they have provided me lots of support and encouragement, but more importantly, once they realized I knew what I was doing, they haven't smothered me with needless stuff. At many "failing" schools (I hate that label because the school/teachers ARE NOT the ones failing the kids) they require so much ridiculous paperwork and documentation. It doesn't improve teaching - the opposite, actually because it takes time away from the teacher to plan and meet with students so they can finish the paperwork that SAYS that they will meet with students and create a plan to help students succeed. Silliness really.

In news from the Doctor front, it has been OK. I  have a few interviews for residency...and lots of rejection emails. They all read the same way: "You are a great candidate, blah blah blah...We had so many candidates apply, blah blah blah...We can't invite you for an interview, blah blah blah...We wish you success in your career." I feel like screaming at the computer screen sometimes as it delivers its almost daily dose of negative news. I've basically stopped hoping that I will get any more interview invitations. When I get the "noreply" emails in the subject heading, I have almost resigned myself to another rejection. It's maddening, really, the dichotomy between the education field, where I'm loved and sought by countless school leaders, and the medical field where I'm apparently a black mark that nobody wants to touch. HEY GUYS - I FAILED A TEST. ONE TEST. ONE...FRIGGIN'...TEST. Many of the folks in charge of residency programs today would have failed the exams we have to take today, too. (The exam was much easier back in the day). Not trying to make excuses, but sheesh - look past the tests every now and again and look at the person, would ya? You will find some hidden diamonds.

And in family news, my grandma fell and hit her head a few weeks ago. That means a trip to the ER and a CT head. There was nothing wrong, but her blood pressure wasn't behaving so she got admitted. That turned into a 4 day stay. Since then she has been at a rehab hospital trying to regain her strength...but in much pain and discomfort. I keep praying for God to either fix her completely or take her Home with a capital H. So far, He hasn't really listened or else He is very busy right now or else I'm not on the priority list.

At the moment I sit at gate 86, watching them board a Boeing 777 for the flight that also goes to Dulles an hour before my flight to Dulles (I connect there to get to Buffalo). The CNN buzz is acting strangely like a gentle white noise that is relaxing my senses but also putting my thoughts in overdrive. My sleepy meditation is only jarred every so often by the comparatively very loud "Now boarding Executive Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, various other medals that make you important, 100,000 mile flyers, First-Class, Business Class, Priority Lane. Anyone who paid extra to board early. HEY!! YOU!!!! PEASANT WITH AN ECONOMY TICKET!!! STAND TO THE SIDE! The Red Carpet is for IMPORTANT PEOPLE ONLY!"

Some day I'll be important. Until then, I'll keep waiting in line for a seat.