Saturday, August 22, 2009

Camp Hye Sierra

Quick Update: I finished my Pediatric rotation at Children's Hospital two weeks ago (loved it). I went to Church Camp as the Office Manager (LOVED it!). And now I'm a recluse studying for my big board exam that has like 370 questions, 9 hours in front of a computer (plan on HATING it).

Remember that even though I won't necessarily have the time for a full blog post while I'm studying, I will do my best to keep my Twitter up to date - so just look on the left sideline to see the "Dispatches 'o the Journey" for quickie updates.

And for your entertainment, one of my good friends had made this video of our camp experience. Enjoy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Bells and Southwest Airlines

Now THIS is a story of a lifetime. Check it out by CLICKING HERE or copy and paste the link below. Two of my dearest friends and one of my favorite airlines (who I almost worked for, but for being accepted into medical all know the story, where my mom said, in her cute accent: "Let me get this have a MASTER'S degree and you are going to serve PEANUTS?!?!?! Are you cuuurazzzyy?????")

Thank you Southwest for bringing my friends together...and for the free peanuts :)