Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Medical school is over. Four years of lots of studying and long nights; well, the lots of studying and sleepless nights aren't over, but paying tuition is over. I arrive home Wednesday night. That's right, this Wednesday night (May 12), I return to Fresno. I have checked the weather and it looks like it is in the 70s. For some reason, the weather here in NYC decided to go south the last few days of my stay and we have been in the 50s. That's not totally bad, though, since this is a walking city and I sweat like stink when the weather gets hot.

For now, I return to the land of getting in your car to go 100 feet, 108 degree weather, but most importantly, loving family and friends who I have missed over the last 4 months. What the future holds after June, however, is an open question and I'm excited about the possibilities.

Fair warning: I will be somewhat of a recluse for the next 6 weeks as I spend every moment studying in preparation for the test. Let me ask for forgiveness now if I don't really hang out or do a good job of keeping in touch for a few weeks.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

After Christmas, my favorite holiday is the one where I get to celebrate the wonderful women in my life who have helped shape who I am today.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Will NOT Be Deterred

There are those among us in this world who hate us. It is a powerful word that every religion (almost) vehemently argues against, but yet, here we are with news of another possible terrorist attack. And it is in one of my favorite spots, Times Square.

I just received a text from NK asking if I was OK. I hadn't thought about it until he texted and then I realized that I am really, ridiculously, outrageously ANGRY. How dare someone be so awfully selfish as to think it OK to attempt to kill what could have been 100s or 1000s of people. Whether this is a homegrown terrorist or one from another country, if you are so pissed off at America and what we stand for, then please do us all a favor - either take a gun to your own head, or if you are too cowardly (which I suspect you are) to finish your own damn self off, then do us all a favor and move to a faraway place and be a hermit. But LEAVE US ALONE.

I love hanging out in Times Square. I'm there often and by the Grace of God this bomb did not detonate. But the mental stress is still there for the very reason that this could happen and it is totally fathomable that I could be there. But let's be clear: you cowardly terrorists will NOT deter us. We will hunt you all down and protect the freedoms that we have successfully fought to protect for over 2 centuries. And while we hunt you down, we will continue to live our God blessed lives to the fullest possible, appreciating all the gifts that God has bestowed upon us, not least of which is the freedom to go to Times Square.