Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Become a Morning Person

If you are like me, early mornings are treacherous. You are always terribly annoyed at the alarm and ultimately "in a rush" to get out the door and seemingly are always behind.

Over at the Huffington Post News, Dr. Tracey Marks wrote an excellent article on how to become a morning person. She writes,

"Are you one who rises early, but is slow to get started? Even though you may be physically awake and standing, you're not much use to anyone? You need a few hours to kick into gear and always feel like you're ten steps from diving back into bed.

The problem is, with this routine, several hours of your day have passed with little productivity. This may be fine if the only thing you have to do for the day is check your trust fund balance. But if you're like most people with an unrealistic to-do list, you have to fit the tasks in sometime. Where do you get the time? In the evening, of course...

If only you could gain a productive hour or two in the morning, you could help to put yourself on a healthier course and, ultimately, be a happier person. You can train your body to snap to attention and be ready to rock-and-roll first thing in the morning. This objective is attainable for most everyone."
Click here to link to her article and the suggestions.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quotes o' the Journey

Heard in my classroom 5/13/11:

"So, how are kids supposed to walk around the fountain? Do they suddenly become Jesus and walk on water?"

Student questioning another group on their landscaping proposal.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teachers Should Cry, Get Mad, Resist, Do Something, ANYTHING!

Go to the following link, read the article and watch the 25 minute "60 Minute" Special. You will be touched for sure. And perhaps, just perhaps, you will be moved to realize how much we have stripped from our kids in their education and want to do something about it.