Friday, November 27, 2009

Quickies: I'm Happy, Excited, and Blessed - Oh My!

1. Happy Thanksgiving
I love this season from right after Halloween up through the New Year. It's just so awesome to see people decorating and warming up for the holidays. All the festive red and green and in NYC, the window displays for Christmas - it's just awesome! So I'm happy and wish you all a very happy Christmas season! (and no, I don't do PC - it's Christmas that I am celebrating. I respect if you don't celebrate it, but I will be wishing you a Merry Christmas anyway because that is what I am celebrating - you can wish me a Happy __________ (insert your holiday in blank) and I will be just as happy for you.)

2. Exciting Times
I will be flying back to Fresno on December 5 (this Saturday). Look for another post this week that details all my flight times and itinerary...of course. I know it is more information than anyone cares about when it comes to flying, but YOU all should know by now how much of an airline freak I am - so deal with it.

3. I Feel Blessed
I have to be honest - I almost titled this post as "I'm Cramped, Cranky, and Exhausted. Oh My!" I was going to write about staying in a living room the size of my bathroom back in California (with the caveat, though, that I absolutely adore my friends who I am staying with - but even they will agree that this is a typical NYC sardine can :) And I was going to write about being Cranky at the place I'm doing my rotation because of the lack of teaching, and I was going to throw in "exhausted" because I get about 4 hours of sleep and am constantly on the go. But there is power in positive thinking! I have always been a positive person and a positive thinker - medical school and this profession keep trying to break my spirit and in some ways they have changed me. But, I must fight back. Before med school, I never would have thought to do such a negative title. Therefore, since I recognize some of the ways that med school has indeed effected me, I must fight back.

Therefore, I will say (and absolutely mean) that I'm blessed. I always have been! Where others would have been defeated, I continue to persevere. And where others complain bitterly, I'm going to borrow a couple words from the famous author, William Saroyan, and smile to the infinite delight and mystery of this great world.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I LOVE Camp!!

The last two years I have been able to go to Camp Hye Sierra (Hye=Armenian for the "odars" who read my blog; odar=foreigners=non-Armenians). Camp is awesome - in fact, it is more fun as a staff member than as a camper because you truly appreciate the gift that camp is - 7 days of peace and relaxation and no worrying about any of the pressures that face us "down the hill."

And now we have an awesome video made by MY, our videographer/cinematographer/writer extraordinaire! And I even get to make a cameo appearance in the video.