Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I have come to the iPhone...

...and I LOVE it.

The phone is so friggin' easy to use. The designers obviously thought about the user experience and made something beautiful. I love my new phone and really am just wondering why it took me so long to purchase it!

iPhone 3GS (yup, I went with the older model because they are $49. And for me, 8 GB is more than enough memory space.

Otter Box phone cover. I really like the Otter Box because it doesn't add a ton of bulk to the phone, while still effectively protecting the phone quite well.

First App Downloaded: Epocrates. This is a medical program that helps me determine dosages for the various medications I prescribed.

Favorite App Downloaded: Words with Friends. It is addicting, although pretty frustrating that I have lost WAY more games than I have won!

Tip: If you can, but the phone somewhere OTHER than California (and I think NY) because these States apply tax on the original retail price! So tax on my $49 phone was more than the sale price of the phone. That stinks. In other states, the tax will be on the actual sale price.

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